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Working together

Our people are your people

We took great care when assembling an incredibly talented team of thinkers, designers and doers to bring our vision for Pacific Gardens to life. Both nationally and internationally renowned, our partners bring an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, meaning you can rest assured knowing your future home is in the right hands.

Changda International NZ launched in 2013, as a subsidiary of Weifang Changda Construction Group. Founded in 1949, the group is today rated as one of the Top 100 competitive construction enterprises in China. Its projects range across residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure. The company is also at the forefront of developing new technology for the construction sector. It has won numerous national science and technology awards for innovation, with a reputation for quality design and construction.

MOAIs comprehensive understanding of urban design principles means that they are able to work across scales to create homes and communities. This level of planning requires a consideration of many elements at the same time and a negotiation of thresholds between the private and public spheres. MOAI cover it all, from raw feasibility and business case studies to the finer details of crafting a home making them a perfect partner for Pacific Gardens.

Anthony is a UK Registered Architect, Urban Designer, Strategic Planner and Transformation Designer practicing principally in New Zealand and is the Founding Director of re-Imagine Ltd. Over the last twenty-five years, Anthony has been involved in a wide range of architecture, urban design, urban regeneration and strategic planning projects throughout New Zealand and the United Kingdom – his projects receiving over thirty regional, national and international awards and commendations.

Beca combine their skills and insights with those of their clients, using the power of partnerships to think, design and develop creative solutions together. Their clients do incredible things every day. They are transforming their communities and changing lives through the structures they build, the products they manufacture, the services they provide, and the families they support. And Beca are right there alongside them. Beca are the problem-solvers – the thinkers, the creators, the planners and practitioners – who work together to make everyday better.