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Your journey starts here

Find out more about Pacific Gardens and why we hope you will want to call us home.

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We set out with a clear vision in mind

A new home, a better place, your community. We are paving the way for an affordable lifestyle without compromise. We want Pacific Gardens to be the perfect environment for you and your family to grow. Quieter streets, warmer homes, green spaces and safer play areas - we know you’ll love living here.



With approximately 1100 new homes In the heart of Manukau, an estimated 3000 people set to proudly call Pacific Gardens home. Bustling with neighbourly activity and togetherness the mix of terrace homes with gardens and walk up apartments are perfect for anyone looking for a wonderful lifestyle that’s within reach.


Pacific Gardens will be an integrated neighbourhood, featuring community green spaces, pocket parks for families and walkways connecting the wider neighborhood. Everything at Pacific Gardens has been designed with you in mind to create the quieter, friendlier and safer neighbourhood you have always wanted.


Pacific Gardens has a fresh approach to land use and transport planning. With wide laneways lined with trees and streets designed to slow traffic, safety and lifestyle is a major priority. Streets are people-orientated to improve the quality of life within the community yet still cater to all travellers whether they use cars, public transport, walk or cycle. Take your family biking, let the kids skate down the pathways or play some backyard cricket with your neighbours. Pacific Gardens is all about building lifelong friendships and memories.

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Considered design at every turn

Master planned, every aspect of Pacific Gardens has been designed and built with you in mind.



A modern and contemporary design that complements its surrounds seamlessly. Pacific Garden streetscapes are architecturally designed from the street level up to ensure your neighbourhood is just as beautiful as your home. Timeless design and robust materials means your community will remain just as appealing as it did the day you moved in.


Designed as a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community neighbourhood; Pacific Gardens places special emphasis on creating an oasis of terrace homes and apartment buildings. By setting them amongst green spaces, street trees, and gardens with generous areas of communal open space, a low-impact urban design is successfully achieved.


Pacific Gardens is designed with a specific emphasis on walkability, pedestrian amenity, liveability and environmental sustainability. Streets can again be for comfortable evening strolls and bike races between children on the weekends, and local transport options are only ever a stone's throw away.