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Manukau, my home - with Tina Cullen

We caught up with local Manukau resident, Tina Cullen to see what makes Manukau Home.

What is your fondest memory of Manukau?

Moving here from Hawkes Bay over 20 years ago with 2 little boys and not knowing anyone I went along to the local play centre and I couldn’t believe how welcoming everyone was. A fond memory is when I had my 3rd child some of the Mums from the centre who were busy with their own families made the time to make my life a bit easier by bringing around a cooked meal for us. For a week after having my little girl I didn’t have to worry about cooking tea.

Where is your favourite place in Manukau?

My favourite place is the Botanic Gardens. It is such a peaceful beautiful place and there is no better place to go for a walk.

Why are you proud to call Manukau home?

I am proud to call Manukau home because there are so many wonderful people in Manukau. People who care about others.

What in particular about Manukau inspires you?

What inspires me about Manukau is the resilience of people who live here, the fact it is a melting pot of many cultures which makes it a vibrant place to live.  

What makes Manukau a community?

When you look up the definition of community, you learn that is derived from the Latin communitas, meaning “community” and “public spirit”. There is an undeniable sense of public spirit that flows through the people here in Manukau. It certainly flows deep and connects all of us.