Designed for life

Become part of a thriving, positive, master- planned community with over 1100 homes incorporating a richly diverse mix of homes, businesses, culture and lifestyle.

Over the next 5 years, Changda International NZ Ltd, along with a range of local New Zealand architects and construction firms, will build over 1100 homes for Aucklanders.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of what is currently the most significant housing development in New Zealand.

One of the benefits of living in a masterplanned community is that the neighbourhood has been considered as a whole, to ensure a layered and dynamic urban fabric.

Homes at Pacific Gardens are being designed by a range of high quality New Zealand architecture firms. There will be a home to suit any family – from multi-use studio apartments to four-bedroom terrace homes.

Pacific Gardens is being developed in a series of Stages. Stage 1 will bring to the market 21 walk-up apartment units and 21 terrace homes by the end of 2017.

Manukau offers a wide range of parks and playgrounds for young families.

Enjoy shared green spaces covering


Reputation and reliability

Pacific Gardens is being developed by Changda International NZ Ltd.

The developer: Changda International NZ Ltd

Changda International NZ Ltd is a significant Chinese-owned property development company that is developing Pacific Gardens. Currently it is also developing a 40ha residential project in Orewa.

Commencing New Zealand operations in 2013, the company has a grandparent company in China called Weifang Changda Construction Group, which was founded in 1949.

Today the group is rated as one of the Top 100 competitive construction enterprises in China and has more than 3,000 direct employees. Last year the group’s annual turnover was around NZ$2.1 billion, primarily in the construction sector. Changda has ISO standards for quality management, environmental management, occupational health safety management systems and a GB/T code for quality management of engineering construction enterprise. Its projects range across a huge spectrum including residential, commercial, industrial and developing infrastructure.

Changda is also at the forefront of developing new technology for the construction sector. It has 30 national patents, numerous national science and technology awards for technology innovation and in its home province of Shandong more than 50 technology innovation awards for construction.

The subsidiary, also has contracts to build internationally including in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Guinea-Bissau, Thailand, Guyana and Hong Kong.

Mr Yanbing Liu, General Manager NZ, Changda International NZ Ltd.